Creating Hyperledger Fabric DApps using DL Unify Services

There can be multiple approaches to create Dapps from 1-Tier Web Dapps connecting to Hyperledger Fabric network or 2 Tier architecture where you have middle tier in between Frontend and Ethereum network. This Manual just gives direction to use DL Unify services to build Dapps.

  1. Create Fabric project via DL Unify – DL Gateway and store project secret and other details for Dapps creation.

  2. DL Gateway can useRest APIs to connect to the network.

  3. Compiling, Deploying, and Testing Smart contract:
    Use DL Hyperledger Fabric VS Code extension.

  4. Sample App:
    You can visit the below project to see how you can create Ethereum based Dapps on DLUnify.

  5. Live Demo can be found at: