DL Unify Ruffle CLI Solidity Contract Deployment

Deploy the contract:

Deploy the contract via DL Unify GATEWAY.

Simple Example:

 unify ruffle deploy -c  HelloWorld.sol 

Complex example: 

 unify ruffle deploy -c VotingCore.json:VotingHostRegistry 

    Note: make note of FileName:ContractName 



Nested example:

In case if your contract is present deep into nested directory, while compiling the contract, use --path option to the cli the actual path during deployment.

 unify ruffle deploy -c VotingCore.json:VotingHostRegistry --path first_directory/second_directory 

    Note: This nest option will apply for deploy, invoke and link cli sub command too if compiled contract was present in nested directory during compilation. 


Verify the contract is deployed successfully @ DLTESTNET Explorer