How to create Ethereum project in DL Gateway

User has logged into DL Unify .

How to create an Ethereum project in DL Gateway

  1. User clicks on create new project button in the DL Gateway dashboard.
  2. Enter project name in create project dialog box.
  3. Select Ethereum blockchain from the select blockchain dropdown.
  4. Select network name from select network dropdown.
    Available Ethereum networks are:
    • Mainnet
    • Rinkeby
    • Ropsten
    • DLTestnet
  5. Enter description of the project.
  6. Click on create button to create Ethereum project.
  7. The project has been successfully created and is ready to deploy smart contract. User can find
    the details of the project in the dashboard.

Visiting this page again in 2022, create project is almost same, with some minor updates. Support for older networks has been deprecated, since the networks are now shut down. For more details about the ethereum testnet, you can refer to

Another update which has been introduced in version 4.0 of gateway backend is the manner in which authentication works. Previously, authentication token was part of header. This posed difficulty in integrating gateway in any existing web3 library. To cater to that we have now allowed users to pass user token as API params. When creating a project, an endpoint is provided to users which can be directly used as HTTP provider in web3 libraries. Thus improving the support for web3 libraries.