How to Zip Chaincode in DL Gateway Fabric Blockchain Extension


User should have a folder with valid chaincode files.

How to zip chaincode in DL Gateway Fabric Blockchain

  1. Go to the folder where chaincode files are present in your system.

  2. Select the files to be zipped.

  3. Press right click after selecting the files.

  4. From the list of options select Send to -> Compressed(zipped) folder .
    A. Following example is for NodeJS. (Note: only accepted files for NodeJS are .js and .json).


    B. Following example is for Golang. (Note: only accepted files for Golang are .go, .mod and .sum).


  5. A zipped folder has been created.


  6. While using DL Gateway Fabric Blockchain to deploy the chaincode on DL Gateway, the user will be required to browse and select the zipped file from the folder where it is created.