Invoke Chaincode in DL Gateway Fabric Blockchain Extension


  1. System Pre-requisites
    A. Docker should be installed.
    B. Git should be installed.
    C. Docker compose should be installed
    D. Git bash path should be set in environment variables for Windows OS.
    E. Set bash CLI to bash for Linux OS.
    F. Add user to “sudo” group for Linux OS.
  2. Hyperledger fabric network should be running on a local system.
  3. The chaincode must be deployed on DL Gateway Fabric Blockchain

Invoke Chaincode in DL Gateway Fabric Blockchain

  1. On Invoke Chaincode screen, enter Function Name in input box given.

  2. After that, enter Arguments for the function entered above.

  3. Note: Arguments should be in format [“args1”,”args2”,”args3”,…].

  4. Then, click on Invoke button.

  5. Wait for the function to invoke. Once invoked successfully, Transaction ID will appear below invoke button.

  6. Copy the transaction ID by clicking on the copy icon.

  7. Click on the Get Transaction button to redirect to the Get Transaction Details screen.