Metamask DLTestnet and DLGateway Integration

Metamask Integration DLTestnet and DLGateway Integration

Metamask is well known Ethereum wallet that is Web3 compliant and used by users and developers across. So, it was apparent to have DL Unify products ensure a smooth integration with Metamask wallet and this user manual will walk you through the same.

Metamask Integration with DLTestNet via DL Gateway.

Step1: Create project in DLGateway with Ethereum as blockchain and DLTestnet as Ethereum network. For details, please refer DL Gateway user manual.

Copy the project secret by clicking on the copy icon next to project secret value.

Step 2: Open the Metamask Wallet and select Custom RPC from the network drop down.

Step 3: Please fill the Custom RPC fields and click on the Save button as below:

Note: New RPC URL field will be of below format:


Note: Please use in Block Explorer URL field.

Step 4: Verify your account is connected to network. Once connected you are can use it to sign and invoke transaction over DLtestnet.